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Who is Sergey Vershinin?

Over 25 years in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), steadily successfully performed projects and exclusively the best solutions always- such employment history of Sergey Vershinin briefly.

Sergey heads team of experts, producing DSP software, including many innovative speech technologies and products.

Among them, for example:
New speech compression technologies, based on innovative signal decomposition and parameters quantization methods. These technologies allow to achieve highest speech quality - much better in comparison with any well-known vocoders at the same bit rates.
Digital radio vocoder , specially developed for Digital Mobile Radio (DMR and dPMR) on base of the new technology, using innovative "source-channel coding" approach. This vocoder provides high speech quality even in hard environment of the radio channel.
Advanced CELP-like speech compression technology, based on well-known CELP method (Multi-Pulse Excitation with Pitch-predictor are used, not ACELPTM), provides speech quality better in comparison with standard CELP-like codecs (including ACELP).
Scalable multi-rate speech codec specially developed for high quality transmission of speech through IP-channel with various capacities. This codec is based on VBR-version of CELP-like algorithm with distributed redundancy and provides maximum possible speech quality, which can be transmitted through current network environment. This codec is ideally suitable for voice conferencing over IP.
Voice storage vocoder specially developed for effective storage of speech. This codec provides speech quality much better in comparison with any known speech codecs at the same compression rate.
and many other technologies and products.

Sergey is:

- is present in radio-electronic engineering and DSP the whole life, since primary school
- uses always the best and innovative technical solutions only
- achieves most effective result at minimal costs
- initiated, generated basic ideas and participated directly in development of all innovative technologies and products produced by his teams
- has performed successfully as Project Manager, heading high-professional team, projects with many well-known big companies
- has trained and prepared perfect Project Managers, who successfully use process approach on SMMI base to project management and provide quality assurance of the developed products.

Today Sergey is sole proprietor of SWERSH ®. The SWERSH team delivers the best technologies, software products and services for Digital Voice applications.

Please contact with: Sergey Vershinin to get more information.